Great Lighthouses of Ireland

For hundreds of years lighthouses have helped seafarers find their way. Now they shine their light on a truly unique experience around the stunning coastline of Ireland. Great Lighthouses of Ireland, is an all-island tourism initiative, developed by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, the General Lighthouse Authority for the island of Ireland.

Featuring twelve lighthouses and two lighthouse-related experiences in breath-taking coastal locations, Great Lighthouses of Ireland offers visitors from home and abroad the chance to visit or stay in a lighthouse, to discover more about their history, to appreciate the spectacular natural world around them, to understand the technology at work in lighthouses today and to meet the people who are passionate about these unique places.

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Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL) is the General Lighthouse Authority for the island of Ireland and its adjacent seas and islands.

Established in 1867, its remit is to provide aids to navigation and other services which ensure safety at sea, to protect the marine environment and to support the marine industry and coastal communities.

CIL operate 70 lighthouses around the island of Ireland, all of which continue to play a vital role in maritime safety today.
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