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A must visit on the Skellig Coast of the Wild Atlantic Way

Embrace the rugged and exposed elements of the south west coast of the island of Ireland and peek into what life was like for lighthouse keepers and their families on Valentia Island keeping watch over the North Atlantic.

Located in one of the most scenic areas on the edge of Europe, facing into the prevailing weather, Valentia Island Lighthouse is home to the most westerly harbour light on the island of Ireland, guiding vessels through the northern entrance to Valentia Harbour.

Explore the 17th century artillery fort located at Cromwell Point and the 19th century lighthouse building soaking up the stories and science against a background of dramatic scenery of the Skellig Coast on the Wild Atlantic Way

Visiting Valentia

Valentia Island, with its network of narrow roads is an undiscovered corner of Kerry with a rich and fascinating history.

The Latin-sounding name of the island is an anglicised version of the Irish Béal Inse, meaning ‘the mouth of the island’, a reference to Valentia harbour entrance. The Irish name of the island itself is Oileán Dairbhre, which means ‘island of oak trees’.

Skellig Coast

Located at the far west tip of the Iveragh Peninsula and stretching from Kells around to Castlecove, the Skellig Coast region boasts the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Early Christian site on Skellig Michael, rich cultural landscapes steeped in history, the Iveragh Gaeltacht where the Irish language is still spoken and the only Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserve in the Northern Hemisphere – all set against the stunning backdrop of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Wild Atlantic Way

Have you ever dreamt of embarking on a journey of discovery, to hidden places and secret worlds where all kinds of enchantments lie in wait? Well now you can, along the wildest, most captivating, coastal touring route in the world – Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way!

Great Lighthouses of Ireland

For hundreds of years, lighthouses have helped seafarers find their way. Now they shine their light on a truly unique experience around the stunning coastline of Ireland.